Toggle Automatic Activity Pop Ups

I’m a long time user here.

I typically like to schedule activities in the morning/evening for each deal I am working on and execute them throughout the day.

Unfortunately as I go through deals and check off activity, I get an automatic pop up to add a new activity. When that is combined with about 200 deals that I am working on or managing, it slows things down a lot.

Another example is because certain activities happen so quickly, scheduling them and marking them as done is not always possible. If I call a prospect and then record the activity, I get a notice to schedule ANOTHER activity even though I am trying to make other calls/or do other sales related activities that are not administrative like scheduling a task.

Activities are basically unusable for me at this volume because of the inefficiency of an irrelevant activity pop up.

Point being: There should be a toggle for activity pop ups so high volume users like me can be more efficient.

Its a huge problem for me because I have so many deals and I do need to schedule activities for them. Since the process is inefficient and I avoid scheduling activities, I am losing business or not able to track activities taken on deals.


I completely agree. It would be great to have this disabled, especially when you are paying extra to have workflow automation handle scheduling the next activity.

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Thanks for your feedback @carlosarana and @CoolOppo.

I’ll share this with our team.


Hi - I totally agree, we create a lot of activities that only get ticked off and there is no option of disabling the activity popping up…

Is there an update on this one?


No update as of now. I’ll let you know if that changes.

@David has this been solved yet or is it still an on-going issue?

Hey @Rock,

This is still currently the setup. Please know that this it is done this way on purpose, but I have forwarded the feedback to our team so that it may change in the future.

Thank you for understanding