Toggle Automatic Activity Pop Ups


I’m a long time user here.

I typically like to schedule activities in the morning/evening for each deal I am working on and execute them throughout the day.

Unfortunately as I go through deals and check off activity, I get an automatic pop up to add a new activity. When that is combined with about 200 deals that I am working on or managing, it slows things down a lot.

Another example is because certain activities happen so quickly, scheduling them and marking them as done is not always possible. If I call a prospect and then record the activity, I get a notice to schedule ANOTHER activity even though I am trying to make other calls/or do other sales related activities that are not administrative like scheduling a task.

Activities are basically unusable for me at this volume because of the inefficiency of an irrelevant activity pop up.

Point being: There should be a toggle for activity pop ups so high volume users like me can be more efficient.

Its a huge problem for me because I have so many deals and I do need to schedule activities for them. Since the process is inefficient and I avoid scheduling activities, I am losing business or not able to track activities taken on deals.