Tracking new Deals added to Stage

Hi There,

I would like to monitor when a new deal is added to a specific stage in a Pipeline. What is the best endpoint to monitor new deals added to specific stage?

Thanks in advance!


Ideally Iā€™d like to get notified when a deal has been added a Specific stage in a Pipeline, similar to Zapier.

It looks like Webhooks will help with real-time updates, but how do monitor for new deals added to a specific stage in a specific pipeline?

Will I need to make a 2nd Get Details of Deal API call to get Pipeline and Stage of the deal?

Hey Dan!

It would be possible via a webhook as well (added-deal), but you would then need to set the parameters on your side where the notification is being sent to so that it filters out notifications based on the state_id that you want to monitor.

Thanks David! Will try that out

Do you mean stage_id ?

Yes, sorry. stage_id :slight_smile:

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