Trigger : question before dev new app


Our sales team use Zendesk for support and for call our customers (all calls are registered and can be listened after from the manager).

We’are going to use Pipedrive CRM for our activities and we want a unique entry point for ours sales teams : Pipedrive.
In order to create this unique entry, we have create trigger (for example when a nex user is created on Zendesk, a user is searh on Pipedrive and create if not exist).

Today, all salepeople call our customers from Zendesk and we need have register calls on Zendesk (example : for manager listening)
I try to create a trigger in order to redirect our salepeople from Pipedrive (click on customer’s phone number information) to Zendesk :

  • either start the call or, in a more simple action
  • or just open new web browser tab to Zendesk customer informations.

Is a way to create a trigger for that or a specific dev must be done ?

Best Regards

Benjamin B.

Hey Benjamin,

Within Pipedrive, from Settings > Company Settings, you can change the callto handler, which is the syntax Phone fields use to know where to call from which is what would need to be customized.
For Zendesk, I don’t believe they have a general callto link that you could add here (as it’s dependent on each contact), which in this case would mean that some type of integration would need to be created in order to have this work.

Since I don’t believe anything like this exists now, you could try reaching out to which built a general integration between PD and ZenDesk and they might be able to help out further in this regard: