Trigger Scheduler

is there any way to trigger the Scheduler (ProposeTime) for a Deal with the Pipedrive API ?
Usage: We want to integrate a button on our website, which creates a new Deal associated with a ‘people’ and triggers a Scheduler mail automatically to the ‘people’ email ?
Thanks you, have a great day, Linus

Hey @linus
Welcome to the community :wave: and thanks for sharing the use-case
Unfortunately, there is no direct API to trigger the scheduler. At the moment, this is only available through the product. But I feel that you can still achieve the outcome using two approaches.

Workflow Automation
This feature lets you set up a workflow in reaction to events (such as deal creation)

In the email templates it suggests, you can propose times

You customize your flow to suit your needs (or even include a third party like Calendly)

Webhooks & APIs
Alternatively, you can listen to webhook events and create an activity (or perhaps even send an email programmatically) to achieve that effect