Unable to update product fields


I’m posting my issue here as it is pretty critical. I’ll paste what I wrote to the live support earlier hoping to find a solution.

I can’t update my product fields after the like, 70th field. The modification isn’t registered and the field stays empty. If I reorder the fields to put one higher up I can edit it again. But the 70th one gets pushed down and becomes uneditable again (I tried with a monetary field and the currency changes from € to “AFN” automatically).

Here is a short video of the issue:

So I can edit the first 70-ish.
After that it doesn’t remember my edit even if via the API. However if I “bring” a field up in the list it becomes editable but then the one that was previously the 70th one becomes uneditable.

For example the 71th field to got pushed down was a monetary field. After being pushed down the currency automatically became “AFN” (which I suppose is the first in the list) and became uneditable. It’s like fields past the 70-ish one can’t synchronize.

If it helps I found out that I can only edit fields within the 100 default limit of results shown in the Pipedrive API v1 Reference API request. Any field beyond that limit is uneditable in the web interface or via the API.

I didn’t have this issue on the 15th of March.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention @Tanguy_SANQUIRGO ! Can you share the X-Correlation-ID from the API response that fails? Let me check with the concerned team internally!

Hope you were able to get it resolved! If the issue still persists, feel free to create a new topic :slight_smile: