Unauthorized access | Error Code

Hi there!

I’m trying to use POSTMAN to call your API using my APY Key but I get always:


"success": false,

"error": "unauthorized access",

"errorCode": 401


Not sure what is the problem.

Hi @Joao_Fernandes,
Just to check is your Authorization set to API Key like in this image:

I’m getting the same issue.
I’ve definitely got the API Key selected and everything is configured as per the instructions.

The API keys works fine with my application. I just need to to work with Postman for testing/development.

I got it to work by manually adding ?api_token={{apitoken}} where apitoken variable contains the API key.

This is even it’s setup in the parent and I select inherit auth from parent.

When I look at the query params the one I’ve added manually is there as well as the one from the parent, but the parent has no effect. If I go to the authorization tab, and say no auth, but include the query param manually it works. So the authorization is having no impact on how the query is created.


Could you first try without Authorization settings, and just pass api_token in query params

if that worked, and you would like to use Authorization config in Postman, you can configure it like

Hope it helps.

I’ve got it working by just ignoring the authorisation tab and manually adding ?api_token={{apitoken}} to the end of each query url, adding the token as a variable.

Basically Postman just ignores this or it doesn’t work if the api token is passed as a query parameter. I’ve submitted a ticket to Postman support as this feels like an error to me. I’ve used Postman for a long time with other APIs, but PD is the only one that uses a query parameter to pass the token.