Unauthorized access Python

I`ll try to connect to my account, whit Python library pipedrive-pythone-lib.

This is my code:
from pipedrive.client import Client

client = Client(domain=‘https://test-sandbox38.pipedrive.com/’)

response = client.deals.get_all_deals()

and this is error:

it is a test account

Welcome to the community @vcherashnijmafin :wave:

Are you sure that the API token you have provided in your request is correct? :thinking: The code screenshot looks correct, so unauthorized access may be due to using an incorrect API token (an API token is unique per company and user). Since you also shared the token in the screenshot, we suggest for security purposes to get a new API token from the Pipedrive web app. Here is a tutorial for finding API token.

Let us know if you have further questions!