Unintentional breaking API change? Empty 'options' field being returned for some custom fields

Hi all,

As of this morning, when I make an API request to get all of the custom fields on my account (at https://x.pipedrive.com/api/v1/dealFields), it looks like varchar_auto fields are being returned with an empty options property, whereas just this past Friday 3/10, they were not being returned with that field.

See here for a diff of the API responses on the same custom field that had not been updated (left response from 3/10/23, right response from today, 3//13/23):

In my integration, I had been keying off of the presence of the options field to then find the correct option to map data into, but I’ve since had to change this to verify that the options field is also not empty. You can see the date format was also changed, but this didn’t effect me.

This was a breaking API change for me, but it wasn’t announced in the changelog, so I’m wondering if this was intentional or accidental perhaps? Just wanted to bring it up in case it was accidental, so the API could be fixed. And if it was intentional, I think it’d be great to be notified of a change like this in the future.


Hi @jketcham! :wave:

Thank you for raising this! We are investigating this with our team and it does seem an accidental mistake on our side. I’ll keep you posted on the fix!

We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused!

Hello again @jketcham! :wave:

This was indeed an unintentional change from our side, which we have now rolled back (both the empty options field with varchar_auto fields and the date format) and everything should be working as previously.

Do let us know if there’s more we can help with!

Thank you for the update @Helena_Sul!

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