Update Activity not working when Call Feature changed Activity Type

One of my pet peeves is that upon completion of a phone call, Pipedrive defaults to overwriting the next activity with the details of the phone call. We track our activities - and one in particular is important - an “Inspection”. So I created a sequence (in integromat) to trigger when the Actiivty Type is changed from “Inspection” to “Call” and then to send an “Update Activity” call back to Pipedrive to change the activity back to an Inspection - and changing the “Done” status back to “false”. But even though that “Update Activity” is being successfully processed, it is not changing the activity type back to Inspection. Any help on this?

Hi @hvy_weight,

Would you be able to share any visual details of your exact setup? Then I can try to replicate it on my end to see if I can find what might be the issue.

Hi, @David thanks for your interest. Here is a screenshare video showing the problem. It’s not as succinct as it could be - sorry about that. https://www.loom.com/share/e91e6048074d48b4a8abc1bb3efb56e3