Update an Existing Org with Third-Party Data Via API: best way?

Pardon if this is a commonly asked / answered question.
While inside of the detail view of a specific organization, I’d like to be able to push a button or perform some action that would query a third-party site API and retrieve data that would then update the specific organizations’ data.

Is there a simple or recommended way to do this? I think I can select an action to push data to the third party API, but then I’d need a separate action to push data back to the Pipedrive organization.

Is there a clean flow / example app for this? Will I need to refresh the screen to see any data updates? Any other tips or advice?

Has no one done this? Is this not possible?

I’d like to start from within an Organization detail view, click a button, have it send information from that Organization to an outside API, and have the results come back and populate fields in the Organization detail view.

Is this round-trip not easily doable?

Hi @rexreed,

Something like this could be doable, but it would take work as it would require an integration of some sort to be made and then it would need to make use of App Extensions for a button to send data.

Unfortunately it’s not something that could really be explained simply over a forum on how to create this, but you could try the Hire a Developer section

Hi David! I’m a developer so I can certainly do this on my own, but I suppose looking for guidance on the pattern. It’s a shame this pattern is so complicated, because the flow of using external APIs to update Pipedrive data seems like such a useful case / pattern. I can think of many “data enhancement” APIs / services that would work well with this flow.

I’d be open to discussing this with someone there if the Forum here is not conducive to that.

Let me know!

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Hi @rexreed, does it need to be triggered by a button? Could the data just be be updated every time the org record loads?

This can be done and it’s not especially complicated so long as you can get the data you need from the other system. I’m tied up at the moment but email me at kurt@certa.com.au and I’ll write up a simple process flow for you.

Cheers Kurt

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Thanks! Just emailed. Appreciate the guidance - and yes, it can be done upon org. load. Is this every time the page is refreshed or on an org. update?