Update an organization

When i am trying to update an organization by passing id and owner_id, i am getting Bad request response, even in API Reference Test Endpoint as in development.

Hi @Matheus_Yama,

I’m unable to replicate it on my end. You are testing this on the API Reference page? Can you share a screenshot of the data you’re adding and the body with error?

Hi @David,
Yes, i am testing this on API Reference page!

Thanks @Matheus_Yama,

According to the screenshot, you’re not updating anything which is why you get that error message. It’s a PUT endpoint so some sort of update needs to be made.

Is there a possibility to be the account configuration? Or kind of relationship rules in update? An example of it, the user that is trying to update the organization doesn’t have relation with the organization …

Sorry, I’m not really sure what you mean. Could you write an example of exactly what you’re trying to achieve?