Update app panel list items on user action inside panel

Currently for an app we’re showing some list of data in app panel. We want to give an option to user in which they can click a button inside app panel so that it will update the app panel with different set of list data. Is there any way to achieve this now or later?

Hi @yesiamvj,

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For app panels, there’s a reload button at the top of the panel that enables users to reload information pulled from your app. The objects and fields remain the same and the data can be refreshed to show the most updated information.

Is this what you are looking for or did you want the app panel to be updated with an entirely different list including different objects and/or fields? :slightly_smiling_face:

If you would like the app panel to be updated with an entirely different list, unfortunately, we don’t have this capability at the moment. Would you be able to share more about your use case so that I can pass it on to the relevant team as feedback, please?

Like load next items for pagination…

or loading specific filtered data like status.

Hi @yesiamvj
Adding on to what Nicole said, can you share a mockup of what you are trying to achieve? From your description, it seems like you are showing a list but it is unclear which component it relates to. Can you help us identify which fields/components you will be using in the panel? :thinking:

if you are looking for ways to dynamically render the panel upon changes, this would be helpful