Update Deal Api problem

hello, I have a problem, I implemented that every time a deal is updated, it sends a webhook to aws where through a function I update certain fields of that deal through the api, the problem is that when it is updated through from the api the deal sends a webhook again that it was updated and an infinite loop of updates is generated, is there any way to prevent this problem?

Welcome to the community @felipe_aguirre :slight_smile:

From this, I understand that there isn’t a specific check in the AWS Lambda code to find out which fields have changed :thinking: Feel free to correct if I am wrong.

Have you considered comparing the current and previous objects in the webhook payload to differentiate updates happening on fields you want to listen vs fields you don’t want to? Ideally, that should help you exit a potential loop.

The webhook also contains meta information that would help identifying the source of these updates. Let me know if it helps

thanks!, I fixed the problem with the meta information

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