Update event fires before add event

I notice this when I do the bulk uploading. For some person’s update event is triggered before add event. I check the logs in cloud watch. Is there any reason for such behaviour ? Any suggestions to fix this ?

Welcome to the community @Pran_RV :raised_hands: !

This seems like an interesting problem. For every webhook event, you would notice that it has a meta property. You should be able to find a timestamp in there. From the Cloudwatch logs can you confirm if the timestamps were in chronological order?

My initial thought is that the import operation results in several operations in a particular second. If you are seeing events appearing in the wrong temporal order (say update happens at nth second, and create happens at n+1th second for the same entity) then it is clearly a problem on our side.

Also, how important is ordering? Can you share the use case so that I can check with my team? :slight_smile: