Update Time Organizations


I’m having a interesting challenge.

When we are getting all organizations - we will get them based on having an update time within the five last minutes.

However, it’s becoming clear to me that this update time updates every time there is mail correspondance on the organization or some of the people/persons connected to that org (they have their outlook accounts connected), which is very frequently in my case.

I only really want to get updated when there are some spesific field updates (not everything else like mails, acitivities and so on).

Does anyone have suggestions on how? I have seen that there is a thing called “List updates about an organization”, but I cant see how that would work when I wanna get all.

I want to catch relevant updates frequently (which is why dont wanna look for updates once a day or something).

Kind regards,

Hi Hanna,

if I understand your question correctly then you want to list all your Organizations sorted by a last significant update. By significant I mean only updates to some specific field. This is unfortunately currently not possible.

As a workaround you may want to try creating a new Custom Field which will be populated by an Automation and use this new custom field for sorting/filtering. This Automation will be triggered by Organization Update where you can pick which fields are considered significant for your case. However as you require a relatively small window (5min) there is no guarantee that some automation runs will not be processed on time.

Other option might be to use Webhooks to get updates on any Organization which you can then process further but it will require more coding on your side.

Hope this helps,


You got it David. Thanks for answering my question. I was afraid there would not be any simple solution to my challenge, but thought I would give it a go.