Updates and What's Coming Soon For the Marketplace Platform

Over the past couple months we’ve been making a few different changes to our app Marketplace, and here seems like a good place to let everyone know about this. :slight_smile:


  1. Pipedrive is now listed as a provider in the PHP League OAuth 2 Client library which will hopefully make integrating with OAuth easier for some. Check it here

  2. Webhooks for Apps - now apps can implement their own Webhooks specific to their app and not affect a User’s existing Webhooks. these Webhooks are also automatically deleted in case the app is uninstalled.

  3. App Reviews - as a way for Users to get a better idea of which apps to use and for app vendors to recommend existing Users to review their apps and thereby standout more within the Marketplace.


  1. Sorting - currently you can only narrow down your search of apps through our categories and the homepage apps are listed only by the date they were originally created. To improve upon the listing so it makes more sense to not only Users, but also app creators, we’re changing the sorting to be based on Ratings (this is also a great reason to ask for feedback). The list rankings themselves will be based off of our ‘thumbs-up/thumbs-down’ system and for apps with the same rank, higher numbers will take precedence.


  1. Improvements to uninstall process - app vendors will be notified via a request to their Callback URL if their app was uninstalled from Pipedrive’s side, allowing them to do any clean-up on their side. We will also have an endpoint to invalidate OAuth tokens and mark app uninstalled on Pipedrive’s side in case the app uninstallation was started from vendor’s side

  2. Merging of Apps and Manual Integrations - we will be combining all the manual integrations with the existing apps page to make a more cohesive flow when looking over the options and so that the categories are not broken up between the two. Apps will still be the main focus though as to promote their ability to be installed easier and offer more security.

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