Updating a Custom Field Value associated with a Person

I must be missing something here.

I am using the official PHP SDK and all has been going well BUT now I need to update a custom field (value) associated with a Person.

For example for each Person I have a custom filed, ‘hair colour’ for existing Persons this is null but in some instances I want to update this value from null to blond!

I can add this no problem within the body payload when I create a new Person but I am struggling to update an existing Person when using the UpdateAPerson method.

What am I missing?

Please note I am not trying to update the configuration of the custom field, simply update the value associated with one Person.

Thank you.

So having reviewed the SDK the limitation is not with the exposed API but the method provided by the GitHub - pipedrive/client-php: Pipedrive API client for PHP library.

I have created a small patch, that permits an additional options parameter, ‘fields’. This is an array of key/value pairs that are then appended to the put and all is now working.

Happy to share if any interest.

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