Updating a dropdown(enum) column value from API


Please let me know how can i update the dropdown value from the api update a deal endpoint .
i tried with textbox it updates the vale but when i try to update dropdown value it shows me 400.
please help asap

Hi Chander,

Can you share what PUT request you’re making?

we are sending this json
deal id and the custom field key with its option .
if we are doing wrong can you please suggest me how to update the enum field .

Hi again,

Could you tell me the endpoint you’re using though so I know how you’re trying to update?

put request
and in body



dropdown key and its option value

i am using deals/{id}
to update dropdownvalue on pipedrive

Are you positive you’re using the correct API key for that Field? Also, is the value '10' already a predefined ID for that Field?

You can’t add new values with deals/{id}, you would first need to add the value with /dealFields/{id} if it doesn’t exist yet.

When i created the field with dealfield endpoint i entered the name of the dropdown type enum and there options . when i search for all fields with the endpoint i get the dropdown name and its options id also.

so, can you please let me know how can i update the dropdown value of the current existing deal . what endpoint i should use to update the option of the particular deal on pipedrive and what response is to be sent.

Hey Chander,

I noticed on your request ’ https://api.pipedrive.com/v1//deals/3?api_token={token}’ that you’ve got 2 "/"s between v1 and deals.

Perhaps that’s your issue? Otherwise, the only thing I can think is that you’re not using the correct API key for that Field as I’ve tested with no issue.

Thanks now its working

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