Updating product categories through the API has stopped working


I have been adding product categories through the API for a couple of years, but lately it has stopped working and I get the following error: body/name must NOT have fewer than 1 characters.

I have always sent only the options since I don’t want to update the field name, but now it seems that the name is required? I tried to send the name too, but since it is a system field I get the following error: Updating regular fields not permitted.

Is it not possible to update system fields through API at all anymore or how should I proceed?

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Hi @kardoaw

I was trying to change the product category via API and it was working fine for me when I did not provide name in the body.

Could you please share the exact endpoint you are calling? Is it /v1/productFields/{id}?

Could you please also share the exact body of the request that is failing?

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Yes, I am using /v1/productFields/{id} endpoint to update the field.

When I was trying to reproduce the error I discovered that the problem is in the library I use to communicate with Pipedrive API in my C# application. It sends an empty name parameter in the request body when updating a product field. Your API works as described.

I apologize for posting without proper testing and thank You for the response.