URL from lead

I’m trying to get the URL from my leads from leadbooster and there is no way to get it.
Is there a way to get this info from my conversions?

Welcome to the community @caamoro ! :raised_hands:

Can you add more details? Screenshots would be great.

Hello Hem,

When I get the transcription of the conversion by mail, I cannot see any information regarding where this lead was generated (see image attached LeadboosterEmailNotification.jpg). I mean, on what page this conversion was generated on my website

Then when I go to the leads inbox (see attached image pipidrive.jpg) I still can not see any information about that.
My expectation is to have similar information from other chatbot services (see attached image cliengo.jpg)


Hello again!

Any update?

Hey @caamoro
Thanks for sharing the details, I am checking with the team on this. Will get back :slight_smile:

Hey Hem,

My ultimate goal is to connect with google analytics in order to measure conversions

Hey @caamoro
I checked with the team. This is unfortunately not possible at the moment. On the bright side, this is part of the roadmap already :slight_smile: !

As an FYI, you would start noticing this setting on the chatbot page :slight_smile:

Hey Hern, thanks for the heads up!
Unfortunately still looking for Google Analytics integration. I can’t believe why you don’t consider all of CPC’s marketing campaigns