Url opened from api

by soliciting the pipedrive API, is it possible to open a specific pipedrive url in a browser window?

example : https://n2msolution-2a3d59.pipedrive.com/person/1

Thanks for answers

Who would you be opening it for?

For instance, the person would have to be a User on that account to open up the direct details of any specific URL

Hi David, thanks for your reply.
I will try to explain :
a third-party application ask a pipedrive API to open a pipedrive url in a browser window.

If I understand your reply, the person who wants to view the pipedrive url in the window shoud be already connected?

Right, if a person isn’t a User on the specific account that the URL is linked to, they will be redirected to their own account (or the PD homepage)

[so static URLs wouldn’t work]

David, understood.
Many thanks again.
I do not hesitate to come back to you if necessary.


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Hello David, is it possible to have a phone call together in order to explain you exactly our problem?

We have found a piece of answer but information are missing regarding our problem…


Feb '18

The URI should be straight forward (https://companydomain.pipedrive.com/v1 ) and you’ll find your API key from Settings > Personal > API

Looks like you should be using this GET to retrieve your info: https://developers.pipedrive.com/docs/api/v1/#!/PersonFields/get_personFields

…actually, we understand that we can reach the person but in the same time, we would like to open the personal form in the browser. So we need to know if it is possible or not?
Many thanks for your answer.