User type without financial visibility

It would be great to have a user type which hides the change log and deal values for all users of this type. I use pipedrive for managing projects as well as deal by deal sales and I have team I want to be able to view project tasks and notes but I don’t want them to have access to all the project financial figures. Can this be made - it’s just a case of having certain items not shown.

Hey Christian, welcome to the Dev Community!

Thanks for the feedback! It seems like you’re more looking for a way to share just specific parts of deals with your team? Can you try adding the tasks/notes to People/Orgs? This way financial data shouldn’t be visible and the ChangeLog is limited by user permissions.

It’s not quite as simple as that because I need the team to be able to see the deals overview grid, not just tasks and notes as it’s that view which we call use to see an overview of for example all projects in post production. Individual tasks won’t display like this to my understanding.


Christian Young