User's current timezone doesn't appear to be applied over both times (utc) in a time range (deal) custom field

Assume we have a custom field on a deal with the data type being a time range.
According to the core concepts of the Pipedrive API we’re supposed to send in these times in UTC, which is fine and works for us.
However what isn’t working for us, is that when navigating (in a browser as a regular user) to a pipeline containing deals with said time range custom field, the user’s timezone (which is correctly detected, we verified this by going to settings) isn’t applied over the send UTC times in the time range custom field.

This means that now the time range isn’t presented in the detected the timezone preference/locale, the user has to manually perform the offsetting (+/-) from UTC, which is super error prone, even more so because users are not necessarily aware (by default) that they need to do this.

I don’t mind system 2 system communication being in UTC (actually preferable imho), but it’s no good for user facing front ends (such as Pipedrive web) from a UI/UX perspective, because of the above mentioned problem.

Is this a know problem? or should we use the API in another manner?

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Hi Kim

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. As I understand, it seems like the UI does not apply time zone conversion for date time custom fields and shows it as such (in UTC)?

Feel free to add screenshots / videos while I check with the respective team

Hi Hem,

Thanks for responding!

This correct, however this was already discussed and resolved with Alejandro from support in a private chat. :slight_smile:

It’s still not a an ideal situation imho but it’s workable.

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