Using API Key and API Secret to authorize API actions in my app

Hi Pipedrive,

I would like to create an app in Pipedrive Marketplace, but my app is using API Key and API Secret to authorize authorize API actions. Is it affected OAuth flow?

Hi @mika,

Could you explain why you’re using Token & Secret to authorize Actions, instead of the URL?

Hi @David,

I’m not using token & secret for app actions in Pipedrive. I used that for own system as credentials and the system are not recognize token.
Is it Pipedrive able to allow user to enter our app API Key & API Secret? Or any others solution you recommend?

We don’t offer an API Key/Secret combination, but instead rely on OAuth access tokens. I would recommend implementing OAuth Flow into your app. This way you can easily make use of the App Actions feature.

Thanks for your reply.
Actually I’m not asking for App Actions, I’m in authorization stage now and having issue with OAuth Flow.
Our app are using Basic Auth (key & secret), May I know how it work with OAuth?

And also did Pipedrive provide other way for authentication?

We only provide OAuth for authentication (via App), otherwise some integrations are built directly through the API Token.

You can see more how the OAuth process works here: