Using =IMPORTJSON to import data into Google Sheets

I am using the following formula to import my Pipedrive data to Google Sheets:

=ImportJSON(“”, “/”)

It is successfully importing all the data, however, the data is incorrect (wrong number of deals, activities, etc.) and appears to be populating with the wrong contact. Any idea how to fix this and ensure that the data is being “grouped” along with the correct customer.

Hi @DanGray

If I got it right, Google Sheets does not provide ImportJSON function, and I assume you were using open-sourced one, like this

I’ve used this function to import persons data via API and it seems like it’s working. And to make it look “flat”, I used “data” key from the response, like

=ImportJSON("<...>", "/data")  

As the end result really depends on what script/plugin you’re using in Google sheet, there is not much we can do on API level.

I changed the script to this one and it is working properly. The only issue now is it is creating 3 rows for each person and deal. Any ideas?

Hi @DanGray

If this question is connected to my previous reply then I am afraid I would not be the best person for it. But there is Hire a developer category where you might find someone to help you.