Using Microsoft Flow with Pipedrive

I’m using a preview of the Pipedrive connector in Microsoft Flow and have run into an issue I hope someone can assist with. I created an automatic flow that triggers when a new activity of type equals ‘meeting’. The flow then collects Assigned user ID and Deal Name from the activity and uses those values to build a custom folder structure and copy a file to my client’s SharePoint documents library. The flow works, but only triggers for meeting activities assigned to me. New meeting activities assigned to other users NEVER activates the trigger. The Flow which runs every 2 minutes just says ‘skipped’, no errors at all. I’ve not been able to determine why it triggers for my Pipedrive activities and not others. FYI, the Pipedrive and SharePoint connectors use by Flow are a different Pipedrive admin account, not my own.

Might have figured this out… The API key used is “personal” so I assume it only triggers on activities created for my Pipedrive user account. Is there a way to have a key for all users/company wide?

Hi @timbar

We may go with a company wide API token in the future (not decided yet, but there’s been discussions), but as of right now there’s no key that represents all Users on a company

Thanks David, put in one more vote for single API access.
To close out my original question, I got the Flow running as designed by creating a flow for every user with their personal API token.

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