Using the API to sync between two systems


I’m working on a data synchronization tool between Pipedrive and another CRM.
Both will support CRUD against all customers/organizations records.

It looks like the Pipedrive API does not give me the ability to update records beyond the name, owner, visibility and custom fields. Am I reading this correctly?

If so, this poses a problem for the following scenarios:

  • Updating fields like contact information, notes, etc. as well as relationships like People.
  • Updating the active_flag for deletions in the other system
  • Updating the update_time field. I want to manually set this.

Any thoughts about this?

Looks like delete is taken care of in a separate method. I would still run into the issue with the last updated timestamp here.

You shouldn’t be directly updating another systems last updated flag really. Why do you need to update it anyway? What are you tying to that date? Can you reference that from another field? external_last_updated? Or just make an update to the record and that should trigger that field to update I guess?

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