Using webhooks with zapier for activities done

Hello am looking to mark an activity for a specific deal as done with zapier


You can use Zapier and Webhooks in order to mark an activity as done.

  1. Create a Zap with the “Webhooks” trigger app and the app action “Catch hook” as the first step, from there you will be able to get the endpoint URL you will have to add on your Pipedrive web hook.

  2. Create a Webhook on Pipedrive
    (Event action: Updated)
    (event object: activity)
    Also add the URL you got from Zapier.

  3. Add another step on your Zap, search for “Webhooks” and set it as your action app and then use “Custom request” as your app action. From there you can use this end point:!/Activities/put_activities_id

Add this as raw data in the body:
“done”: true

Then you can add

“content-type” and “application/json” as headers

Very important, change the ID of the request so it catches it from the “catch hook” step, select “current id”:

This might differ depending on your exact use case. Perhaps you don’t want to update each activity that is updated. Perhaps you want a more specific update, and for that you can add a step before the “custom request” step and use the “Filter by Zapier”.