/v1/deals/{id}/flow endpoint changed behaviour


The /flow endpoint changed the behaviour from one day to the next. Now, it seems that both the start and the items parameters are mandatory, the documentation is not updated though. Look at the response below:

Also, it seems that I have to put items=“change” instead of items=“dealChange” to get the dealChange items.


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Yes, I was recently affected too. Now requires start, limit, and items query vars too. And as mentioned, documentation shows allowable items as:

activity, plannedActivity, note, file, change, deal, follower, participant, mailMessage, mailMessageWithAttachment, invoice, activityFile, document

vs updated endpoint shows allowable items as:

call, activity, plannedActivity, change, note, deal, file, dealChange, personChange, organizationChange, follower, dealFollower, personFollower, organizationFollower, participant, comment, mailMessage, mailMessageWithAttachment, invoice, document, marketing_campaign_stat, marketing_status_change

Hi @Pedro_Iatzky and @paulieweb

Thank you for posting, indeed, you have caught a bug in our system which happened due to some technical refactoring, sorry to have caused issues for you. We have fixes ready to have things back to normal, we are hoping to deploy them tomorrow at the latest.

Until then we would be able to manually fix the situation for you in a quicker manner if you would DM me your company IDs.

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Hi riin, whenever your team pushes updte is fine. I already put a fix in my code with the “new” allowable items, but can revert that when your change goes through. Was mostly posting just to help clarify the issue for any other readers. Thanks for the update.

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The fix should be live now, please do let us know if something’s still not right. I hope this helps!

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