[v2] Webhooks not triggering update on Deal Participants change

Hi everyone,

just finished our migration to v2 webhooks and noticed that there is no update triggered when updating participants on a Deal.


V1 was sending a Deal update on that action.

Can anyone advise how to implement this feature without having to keep V1 only for this.
I would appreciate any input at all :).

Hi @Josip_Jelic,

Apologies for the late reply! I’ve double-checked with our developers regarding your question.

Indeed, a webhook isn’t triggered in v2 when participants on a deal are updated. Currently, this is by design, as participants’/followers’ data is not part of the webhooks v2 payload for deals. Hence, triggering a change webhook in v2 for this change will not allow you to derive anything useful from the data.

The counter data can be unreliable, which is why participants_count was not included in v2’s payload.

If possible, can you please share your use case for this particular webhook event? The reason I’m asking is that the only field that changed in webhooks v1 payload is the participants_count field, so we’d like to learn how you use this data.

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Hi @Nicole_Tan,

thank you for your answer, well, we are building an application that would allow access to the Deal on our platform for all Deal participants.

We are creating user accounts on our app for each Contact and they can log in to our app via the Magic link (no password needed).

In the meantime, we adjusted the requirements only to allow access to Deal’s owner but anyway it may be helpful to get the Deal update via Webhook when the participants list changes.