Values of deal custom fields missing when using getAllDeals from client-php

I’m using official PHP API client and it’s getAllDeals() method. It works as expected, but I don’t get any of my deal custom fields.

When I test it on official API reference docs, I get custom fields, e.g.:

"f00a99b096ee8dca2656856814bcdf543540a0f1": "Value of my custom field",

However, those fields are simply not there when using PHP client, I’m getting only basic deal fields…

Does anyone have a clue what is wrong here?


It seems the problem is in a way how does getAllDeals() method transforms the API response. If I change the highlighted line to
return CamelCaseHelper::keysToCamelCase($response->body);
(borrowed that from getAllOrganizations() :wink:) I’m getting unfiltered response…

However, very strange to have such inconsistencies in similar controllers :thinking:

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Hi @petar

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I’ll give this info to our team and see if we can get this inconsistency cleared up.

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