Want to show call popup in my own app reliable PBX

I have created my own app reliable pbx app. and

integrate calling functionality from pipedrive to my own app reliable pbx app.

so now i need a show calling related screen in make call from pipedrive.

currently showing only message “calling started” after call started.

now need to upgrade better calling. so i want to show incoming and outgoing call popups.

so, guide me how to set call popup ?

Are you trying to build a custom UI for this @Kumar_B ?
I wrote on a wiki on this sometime back Building / Customising Click-to-call functionality

At the moment, you can leverage Chrome Extensions to provide a custom caller interface. Let me know if you are looking for that

Yes, Custom UI for this

Also please guide me for Chrome Extension.
Although I am looking for an option to integrate calling interface Integrating it with Pipedrive as an app

@Kumar_B I would suggest the official Chrome Extension Developer docs Getting started - Chrome Developers itself :slight_smile: ! Unfortunately, we do not have a guide for it at the moment.

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