Was a change made to the org_id value type on a person?

Hello. Today I noticed a change in our automations. When looking at a person object, the ‘org_id’ can now be either an int or array with additional org data. Is this a new change?

Example of two person objects:

"open_deals_count": 0,
"org_id": 2423,
"org_name": null,


"open_deals_count": 0,
"org_id": {
    "active_flag": true,
    "address": null,
    "cc_email": "redacted@pipedrivemail.com",
    "name": "Redacted",
    "owner_id": redacted,
    "people_count": 7,
    "value": 283
"org_name": "Redacted",

This seems to have changed last night and is now causing errors in our automations.

Hi Keegan,

I’m unable to replicate the same responses on my end, but I’m checking with the team that owns this endpoint to see if there’s any changes made.

Hi @David, I think it’s related to a person being on a deleted org. Can you test that scenario?

@David any progress on this?

Afraid I wasn’t able to replicate it with deleted Orgs either.