We need a option to send SMS from pipedrive


Here’s what we needing to do…
We use pipedrive as CRM system, and would like to be able to contact our customers via SMS whilst these messages being visible in Pipedrive and also being able to send in pipedrive so the team can see what communications and messages they have received we would like to use SMS for the following:

• Messages from Accounts- payment Reminders (link to invoice?)
• Meeting reminders
• Delivery updates
Marketing ones:
• Surveys
• Getting them to agree to meeting
• Promotions
• Product launches

Also have the option of sending bulk messages for promotions etc.

We are really struggling to find a company that connect with pipedrive, so wondered if something could be made?
Look forward to hearing from you soon!

Hi @Akwik

Im Chris from Germany. With my team, we build sveral integrations around Pipedrive, connecting it to Shop-Systems or Call-providers like 3cx.

This is our company site with refernces: https://pretzels.dev

What you’re asking for, sounds very much doable. Using Pipedrives API, we can set up custom workflows that will meet your requirements. Although, for sending SMS, a third party tool will be needed.

You can send me a direct message or reach out via email: chris.wolf@pretzels.dev

Happy to hear from you!

Have you tried JustCall? It covers most of what you ask

Good day

Another visitor suggested that you consider JustCall.io, and I agree.

He also indicated that JustCall meets “only most” of the requirements that you have identified. That’s correct, but we can help bridge the gap.

With JustCall you can send (and receive) SMS messages from/to multiple phone numbers, and from/to each of your Pipedrive users. JustCall.io can be configured to capture and retain the message, its timestamp, etc. in the correct Pipedrive Deal.

What is more, the same goes for voice calls. One click and you are dialing your customer. JustCall.io offers call-recording, voicemail drop and numerous other sophisticated capabilities.

Your message indicates that you are also looking for automations (though you do not use the word)… and JustCall does NOT meet that requirement on its own.

You are however likely aware that Pipedrive includes good automation features (but with certain limitations, including quantity, frequency and others). With these Pipedrive automations you can achieve most of what you specify with nothing more than Pipedrive and JustCall.io.

I would propose a two-stage project.

In the first stage, we would identify the message templates and automations that can be configured with just the two off-the-shelf subscriptions. We would design, implement and test these “easier” ones and deliver a Quick Win… in just a couple of days. It’ll be a great improvement!

In a second stage, now or later, we can then identify the tasks/automations and subtleties that require the use of some additional expertise. Depending on the need, we can develop a custom solution leveraging Pipedrive’s API.
More likely (and much less expensivethan custom API solutions) we can implement connections to Make.com (our preference) or to Zapier to complete every imaginable use of an SMS… up to and including using AI (ChatGPT, etc) for your content.

Our team has extensive experience with both Pipedrive and JustCall, and we are Authorized Partners with both publishers. We are Experts!

We also have successfully completed dozens of API development mandates, and we use such API’s in our own Pipedrive accounts.

I am very confident that we can be of service to you, delivering a great, flexible solution that you will be able to maintain on your own, in August 2023.

Please consider contacting me. References available.

Joseph Valenti
Montreal, Quebec

Hello There,
I hope you are doing well

I have read all your requirement and provide you best solution let me know how can we proceed further let me know how can we proceed further.

Looking forward to hear from you soon
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