Web form integration

Is there any API endpoint to integrate web form?
Is there any sample code to call my web form api post?

In Pipedrive web form and I want to integrate with my website contact page.

I do not want to embed the form in my contact page as i have other fields and design in my page
If some complete my contact us page then want to pass few data to PD. Is there any API to integrate webform ?

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Not really. but you can create the necessary records over the API quite easily. use the persons endpoint to create the person, get back the ID, use the deals endpoint to create a deal and link that person to it, etc


Did you make it works? I’m also tryng to connect my own web form with Pipedrive. As I’m quiete new with API integration it would be wonderful if I could get help with a simple code.

For example: “Name” on form => Add new person in pipedrive

Thanks a lot


If you’d rather user your own integration instead of using our webforms you will have to build it using our API, but you will require some development knowledge or receive the help of a developer to do it.

An example code that can be useful is available here, but your final code solution will also depend in which API client you wish to use, we have a NodeJS one and there is also a PHP one.

We hope this is helpful and we may be able to help you more if you can provide us more details one you start creating it.


Diego, I was wondering if you thought it would be possible to use Typeform as the front-end for a Pipedrive webform. How would you do that?

Hey @Adam_Metz I’m not familiar with typeform but the front end can theoretically be anything, as long as it can be properly connected to our API. Seems very likely you can use typeform since they seem to provide all that’s needed: https://developer.typeform.com.

Yes, but Diego, I cannot figure out how to trigger Pipedrive Webform completion via API. How do I do this?

Diego, I have 3 webforms that I’ve completed but can’t figure out how to get TypeForm to act as the front end for them (we really like their GUI). Do you know how I can do this?

Hey @Adam_Metz if you’d rather use Typeform than our webforms then you will need to create an integration between Typeform and Pipedrive. Maybe the best way is to use Zapier since it supports Typeform: https://zapier.com/apps/typeform/integrations

Diego I think perhaps you misunderstand, I want to use typepad to trigger the webform actions in pipedrive. Is that not possible via pipedrive API?

hey @Adam_Metz that’s not possible, you have to pick one or another (front end).

Diego, you got it. That’s what I thought. One last question.

If we want to replace Zendesk and Typeform with Pipedrive webforms (to push into Callrail), where in the API documentation can I find where we need to get the Pipedrive event for once a webform is completed. Is it here? (https://developers.pipedrive.com/docs/api/v1/#!/Webhooks/get_webhooks)

Hey @Adam_Metz there are no webform events, but since the webform will create a deal or person you can use that as the trigger event. Webhooks would be an option also, but all will depend on how you plan to connect Pipedrive to Callrail, a custom api integration? zapier?

Diego, this makes sense. To bring our CEO Sina up to speed, is this the correct workflow?

  1. Customer completes Pipedrive webform

  2. Webform simultaneously creates contact/deal

  3. We use either Zapier or Pipedrive webhook manually coded to Callrail to create Callrail event

Exactly @Adam_Metz that should do the trick!


Thanks a ton, you’ve been the speediest and most helpful member of the team that we’ve worked with. One last question (and hopefully an easier one).

If we do want to do commission splits on Pipedrive opps, is the easiest way to add a custom field for “secondary sales rep” and 2 numeric fields for “commission percentage”?

Figured you may have seen this one before.



Thanks for the kind words @Adam_Metz happy to help.

That would be the way to do it now yes, having fields that can make calculations has been a popular request for many years and we are working on it but I’m afraid it will not be in the short term. So most flexible way if different deals can have different people involved with different % of commissions is with custom fields indeed.

Hi @diego.mendez,

The problem with that approach is that a webhook will be fired off every time a contact/deal is created, not just when the contact/deal is created via webform.

Is there a way in PipeDrive (and particularly via the webhook) of telling if the deal was created via webform?


Hey @sinak there is no way via webhook, but would be possible with Zapier by applying a filter. The filter should be based, for example, in the prefix you can put in deal titles created via webforms. In this way the zap will only be triggered by webform-created deals.

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Old thread, but still no documentation. Is there an update on when we could build with the API a webform? or at least connect it via endpoints? I would like to do int JavaScript.