Web pages with dynamic fields from Wordpress

I am considering moving my workflows to pipedrive but would like to know if it is possibile to automate creation webpages with Wordpress.
After first contact with costumer, I send him a contract with PandaDoc but before I prefer to send him a email with a link that takes him to a customised web page in which I describe him the project and then give him the direct link with PandaDoc. On Wordpress I therefore have templates with dynamic fields (first name, last name, date of our contact, contract value) that are customised for each lead. Is there a possibility of automating this step on Pipedrive? i.e. giving a trigger from the sales funnel to generate both the PandaDoc link and the customised Wordpress template and then automatically send an email to the costumer from Pipedrive without manually generate the Wordpress page and insert manually the link in the email?
thanks in advance for your help,

That kind of customised, specialised workflow looks like an ideal use-case for Make.

Make is a visual, no-code workflow automation platform with pre-built connections for over 1,700 SaaS solutions, including Pipedrive, Pandadoc and WordPress.

If you need to know more, check out the link above or DM me.