Webform node.js integration

Hi there, I’m trying to implement a webform submission on my Node.js service.

I found that I need to use a POST request to the following endpoint -

https://webforms.pipedrive.com/f/${process.env.PIPEDRIVE_FEEDBACK_GET_A_QUOTE_FORM_URL} where process.env.PIPEDRIVE_FEEDBACK_GET_A_QUOTE_FORM_URL is my form id.

I also converted the request payload as stated in the docs and It’s working. But, now the owners of the webform want to add spam protection. (see below)

What I found is that this spam protection enables CAPTCHA for a request and sends a token within the payload of the request. Could someone please add some info on how can I implement CAPTCHA in my Node service and proceed with the request with CAPTCHA?