Webhook creation fails randomly. Receiving 500 internal server error

We try to create bunch of webhooks using next API endpoint https://tenant+name.pipedrive.com/v1/webhooks?api_token=AAA
But from time to time we get an error {"success":false,"message":"The server encountered an internal error. Please retry the request"}
It happens approximately in 30% of requests.
If we do same request again, it can return success or be failed again.

We implemented auto-retry, but then noticed that webhook is created even with error.
It means that when we try to create, let’s say 8 webhooks, we receive a lot of errors, then after few retries we have 15 webhooks created, 8 webhooks we wanted to create and 7 their duplicates (not exact numbers, just for example).

Then we noticed we have pretty similar behavior when we use interface.
Here is screenshot with attempts to remove webhook through the interface.

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This is quite an interesting observation @Timur_Askerov. Also, welcome to the community :wave:
Can you share the x-correlation-id that you notice in the response headers?

I see that the webhooks are getting created despite the errors. And this is, unfortunately, triggering the auto-retry logic resulting in duplicates?

Hey @Timur_Askerov
Our awesome engineers have fixed the issue and you should not be seeing the false-negative errors. Let me know if the situation still persists. :slight_smile:

Sorry for the late response and thank you!

Just checked. Works perfect. Great, thanks!