Webhook for changes in custom field


Does adding a new custom field or editing an existing one, fire an event that can be caught by the webhooks? I’m not able to catch the changes in custom fields.

Also, the custom fields in org add/change event, are listed against their keys and not their ids. Any reason why id is not being used? How to get the id/name of the custom field from the key (There is search field by id, but not key)?

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Changes to custom fields will trigger webhook events. Can you share what you mean by

You can get the mapping via this endpoint :slight_smile: - Pipedrive API v1 Reference

Hi Hem,

I don’t see that happening. I have put * and * for event and action in the webhook on pipedrive. And I don’t receive anything when I add a new custom field on pipedrive. Tried this using webhook.site

Let me know if I’m missing anything.

@sumiyafaruq Maybe you talk about different things here:

  • An event will be triggered if you change the value of a custom field.
  • No event gets triggered when you add or edit a custom field e.g. from the UI by clicking “Add custom field” at YOURPREFIX.pipedrive.com/settings/fields.