Webhook Triggers

Is there anyway to trigger a webhook only when only certain Deal fields are updated? I really don’t like the way I have it setup right now, where a webhook is triggered anytime “any” Deal field is updated. This wastes my a lot of my Integromat operations because the webhook is triggered when I don’t need or really want it to be. TIA

Thanks, Ted

Hey @tmiski, Welcome to the community :slight_smile:

Currently, the webhook trigger conditions cannot be fine-tuned. Is it possible for you to set up a filter on the Integromat side that triggers a workflow only when certain conditions are satisfied? I would recommend that approach.

Nevertheless, you could always use a middleware (like AWS Lambda or Google Cloud functions?) that would receive all events from PD but only trigger Integromat when a particular condition matches.

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I’m not familiar with the middleware option, can you point me to some online material about that? Sounds promising.

Thanks, Ted

Hey @tmiski
A simpler option would be to get started with AWS Lambda as it is cost-effective and simple to code.

GCP also has a very nice getting started guide