Webhooks fired when certain fields are updated

Hi, Pipedrive is our leading CRM module. New Customers will be created here and via a webhook created in other modules. But, when adding a new deal, email note etc , this webhook will be fired also for already existing customers. A lot of unnecessary webhooks will be created. Is it possible that when only certain fields are updated or inserted (for example, an address) that this webhook will be fired? Thanks in advance, Mark.

Hey Mark,

Unfortunately not as specific fields aren’t supported Objects. The only possible choices now would be what is listed:

It would be possible to filter based on fields on your end though. So the web hook would still fire every time, but you’d have an if statement on your end looking at the new payload and the previous payload and check if the fields you’re interested in have changed or not. And then act accordingly.


Hi, I have same usage here, and get a lot of unnecessary webhooks triggered (yes, I set a filter on my end).
We have 20+ active users, and webhooks are firered more and more… and pricing plan for endpoint SaaS solution (Flow, Zapier, …) are often based on limited/ranged trigger number.
That’s the problem…

You could add a new webhook event (ie : “modified”) to differentiate between “updated” (all person fields) and “modified” contact fields (email, phone, name, … excluding read-only fields).

Noted. We’ll see what we can do.