Webhooks just state error, no log!

since support is not very helpful on this. It feels to me that installing a webhook is kind of putting data into a blackhole. It just states “Error”. I can’t find any logfile or proper error message in my pipedrive account. This is super annoying. Just spitting out “Error” or “Ok” is not a very professional take on UI design and does not help at all for debugging issues from a technical perspective…

Pretty unsatisfied with support as well: Responds like: Put your thoughts into a feedback form and “We are not trained about webhooks” feel very unprofessional to me, and since we are paying customers - I I thought I could expect just a little more…

Anyway, any thoughts on finding a log? Or is it usually possible to speak directly to a pipedrive developer/sysadmin who can have a look into a logfile and tell me what’s happening?

thanks in advance and all the best

Hi @j0j0

“Error” means that we tried to make a request but something went wrong, either on our side or something is not ok with webhook, for example, timeout.

  • An Error status message is shown if there is a timeout of the webhook request, the webhook is blocked, or there is an internal problem on Pipedrive’s end. If you encounter this error, you can contact our support team, who can further inquire into the logs of these requests.

Could you DM your Pipedrive’s domain name and webhook URL that responds with “Error” code?

Hi @mykhailo,
in the meantime I figured out my problem. My let’s encrypt certificate was not valid anymore - well to be precise: it was successfully renewed and it was actually valid. I did quickly check using openssl x509 -text -in -noout certname.pem on my server - The thing was that my webserver (nginx) didn’t realize the renewal and only after I restarted nginx it started using the renewed cert.

Anyway, it would have helped a lot with debugging when the Pipedrive UI just would have stated that the cert’s date is not valid anymore. I think this is not to much to ask from a developer friendly interface. Any browser can do it, any programming library can easily find out that a cert’s date is due. I think it’s not too much to ask to implement this feature.

But just stating the word Error is not helpful at all. Thanks a lot for considering on improving this feature!

Regarding your quote of the docs, I have to be honest with you: What it states is either just not true or the quality of your support is lacking drastically:

If you encounter this error, you can contact our support team, who can further inquire into the logs of these requests.

In my case when I asked support what Error means and why there is no proper error message pointing to the source of the problem I got exactly this answer:

But as I’ve mentioned, here on support we will not be able to provide you technical support about webhooks and our developers do not provide support to users

And to be precise, the sending of a log file was definitely suggested in my messages:

My question is if you
could tell me how to debug issues with webhooks without having a log

Sending a log file for analysis was never suggested by the support agent…

So, well I have to be honest with you: This was the worst support experience I had in quite some time. There is lots of room for inprovement.

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