You installed a Webhook Policy:



Retry logic:

No successfull Deliveries [i.e. Status Code 2xx] is deleted after 3 days?

  • Is there any way of finding out when the last successfull delivery took place (or the first one failed)?
  • Could not find it in the docs
  • Would be great for monitoring

How could that look:

  • A resume mail at the end of the day
  • A x-header in the request (problematic, because the issue could be path / certificate / …) related and the server unable to process the header - but it would be a start

Webhooks policy

every time the original notification sending attempt fails on the first try (due to receiving a non-2xx response code or exceeding a timeout of 10 seconds) a ban counter will increase

Same question here.
Is there any way to check the issue counter?

  • Mail here is probably to slow for larger sized companies
  • A X-header as a counter

Could not find anything in the Docs.
I know your rate limits are propagated correctly - so I am hoping :slight_smile:

Hello @Thomas_Lange

What do you think about checking retry field in the webhook payload to understand if the first attempt failed? Also, you could get the last webhook status by making GET /webhooks request

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@mykhailo thank you very much for the quick response!

I indeed was unaware of the:

This is good news. And your recommended solution will be a good starting point.
Thank you very much.

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