Webhooks to Google Chat

Hi there , anybody uses pipedrive webhooks to push updates and all infos to google chat?
i can create a webhook in pipedrive and insert the generated ewebhook from google chat group, but dont work and gives a error 400.

Hey @Manuel

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Are you referring to using Google Chat incoming webhooks?

I see that Google Chat expects the input to be in a specified format Receive and respond to Google Chat events  |  Google Chat for Developers  |  Google Developers

Hi @Hem
yes thanks thats right, i have not yet dealt with webhooks, only with programming, as far as i understand you need an intermediary that converts what pipedrive sends automatically via the link beforehand to the reception settings that google chat can process in the receiver webhook, so that it is then displayed in a message the way you want it to be displayed.

So actually, if there were, you would only have to convert what is available for Slack, because it already does the same thing with an interface to google chat so that it is sent to the webhook.

Thanks, @Manuel for the details & for being patient. Your understanding is already correct. You need to have a middleware that does the transformation before. :slight_smile: