Webhooks V2 and the eventual demise of V1

With the Webhooks V2 BETA being announced and the mention of V1 being replaced at some point

Webhooks v2 is here to eventually replace webhooks v1. Please consider migration as soon as convenient.

I wanted to voice my concern for the many, many clients we’ve worked with who have existing setups in place that make use of V1 webhooks. The notion that at some point their workflows will stop working unless we put considerable effort in to rework them is pretty scary.

Please consider allowing the already established V1 webhooks to be grandfathered in and to continue running alongside V2. Not all of our clients (or others) are going to be willing to re-engage to rebuild automations when they’re currently working without issue.

Our clients are all using Zapier and where possible we’ve used the native Pipedrive Integration for triggers rather than webhooks, however, often webhooks are used because it’s the only viable option (e.g. only trigger upon a certain field changing, not possible with a native Zapier trigger). To rework each of their automations that use webhooks will require considerable effort from us and cost on their part.

I understand that V2 pushes fewer updates (i.e. less bandwidth and resource of PD’s end, meaning lower costs) and that maintaining two systems indefinitely isn’t cost effective. I don’t have a perfect solution but I wanted to get this discussion started.


We also have built a lot of integrations using webhooks v1.
We rely heavily on detecting when counters like won_deals_count or products_count or done_activities_count are changed.
Webhooks v2 data payload will no longer include any of this counters, so we will be unable to migrate, we’ll have to rewrite everything from scratch, using more API calls, and a different approach.
I don’t think customers will be happy to pay again for the same integrations. And I don’t think we have the time and resources to go trough all this code once again.
Realistically, I think you’ll loose lot of customers when Webhooks v1 will be retired.


What concernes me the most is, that I don’t see a date of when the shutdown of v1 will happen.
Maybe the pipedrive team can clarify that?

Also, I noticed, that somehow a v1 webhook of the type “added.note” disappeared suddenly. Our staff stated, they did not delete it. Maybe this is due to the recent change/rollout of v2 beta?

@chriswolf The relevant team is still working on fine-tuning webhooks v2, so we won’t be deprecating v1 just yet. I’ve confirmed with the team that v1 should continue to work throughout the rest of the year. We’ll be able to provide more information later this year.

For your added.note webhook, would you be able to share your customer ID with me via DM, please? This is so that we can check on this for your company/account.

@warwickp and @alex_motii, my apologies that we haven’t said anything. I sent your feedback to the team for their consideration when you shared it in February. If you have any further feedback or questions, please do let us know.


is there any update about when webhooks v2 will no longer be BETA? and most importantly, when v1 will be deprecated or planned to be deprecated?

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Thanks, Nicole. That’s really useful info. I assume that since v2 is still in beta we can count on v1 working for a bit longer?
I’ve moved some things to v2 but not everything just yet.