WhatsApp Integration with pipedrive

We are developing a whatsapp integration with pipedrive. Now we want to integrate inbound and outbound apis with pipedrive. In order to do that we need to add a configuration page (similar image is attached) where the user can add the credentials of that we gave to the user.
May you please help us how can we add this configuration page in messaging extension.

Note: user is a mutual client of pipedrive and sparkTG.

Hey @Anurag_Tyagi , that’s really good to hear! :tada:

This configuration page (modal) is fully integrated into Pipedrive app and cannot be used by 3rd integration.
I would suggest hosting your own modal where you ask the user for credentials (the same way how is it done for Facebook messenger integration).

Just one note, please note that the messaging feature is in BETA - in case of trouble you can reach out to us here.

Thank you and have a nice day!

Hi @Josef ,
Thanks for replying.
Actually we want to use it so that the customer who installs our pipedrive app can input his credentials or API token to communicate with our APIs, for eg. send message API. if we host our own modal and use it, then how will the pipedrive app know how to send message to my server ?

Hey, it’s using your manifest uploaded with the app to call your endpoints.

More about the manifest is here.

Hope it answers the question.

Hi Josef, in the implementation flow (attached below) there is no api endpoint mentioned that may use the user credentials to get the token or apis key from our service. and the store that in pipedrive database for further data transfer between both the service.

In other words, after the step user installs the app and before Register the channel. we should have another step that will send the client credentials to us and we give the token or api key to pipedrive after authentication.

Hey, we are not collecting the integration user’s credentials. You should follow this doc. There is a part when the user is redirected to your service, where you can collect and save what you need from the user - WhatsApp credentials in this case.

The auth flow between the social network (WhatsApp) and your app is solely your’s app responsibility.

Hi Josef,
Thanks for the information. I find it very helpful. I have a query that is :
Pipedrive wants up to implement a get template api as per the doc this api generated a response having a content field of string type which makes sense for text template. but in case of whatsapp approved templates we have multiple type of templates live image, video etc. which have header, footer, buttons etc.
How these templates will be handled with this integration?

Also Is there any kind of widget support so that if we click on a custom button inside crm leads page an app will be displayed within an iFrame or something like that.

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