When will the Leads API support custom fields?

Is there an ETA on this?

Hi Nicholas,

Leads API currently does support Custom Fields.

If a Lead contains custom fields, the fields’ values will be included in the response in the same format as with the Deals endpoints. If a custom field’s value hasn’t been set for the Lead, it won’t appear in the response. Please note that Leads do not have a separate set of custom fields, instead they inherit the custom fields’ structure from Deals.

You can read more here: Adding a Lead & Updating custom fields' values

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Great! I was basing my question on this last sentence in the API reference:

Leads are potential deals stored in Leads Inbox before they are archived or converted to a Deal. Each Lead needs to be named (using the title field) and be linked to a Person or an Organization. In addition to that, a Lead can contain most of the fields a Deal can (such as value or expected_close_date ). The Leads API does not support custom fields yet.

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