"You do not have permissions to do this."

Hello Everyone,

I’m creating a custom integration for a website, unfortunately I’m unable to have interaction with roles endpoints. Every call results in a 403 forbidden with following json:

{"success":false,"error":"You do not have permissions to do this.","error_info":"Ga naar developers.pipedrive.com voor meer informatie over Pipedrive API.","data":null,"additional_data":null}

Things I checked:

  • My request ( The API Reference gives the same response )

Any clues what I should do?


Is the request coming from a User with Admin permissions on the account you’re accessing?

I’m not really sure about that, how could i verify this?

The API token you’re using for the request, these are unique per User, you could use /users to find if this User is an Admin

The account is admin :slight_smile:!

Does this account have Advanced Permissions enabled on it? It requires this feature which not all accounts have (and is actually something we’re deprecating).

Hi David,

My account hasn’t advanced permissions enabled. The shown API key in Your profile -> other -> API has the permissions for the user I’m logged in with right?

~ Romano

Correct, the API key you find in Settings is applied to that User account that is logged in.

Strange, i did everything you said but it is still not working :frowning: Any other suggestions?

Right, but does the account you’re working on have Advanced Permissions enabled? If not, this won’t work. (and most accounts don’t have Advanced Permissions).

Hi David, could we enable advanced permissions, Or could you do that for us? ~ Romano

This feature is only for Platinum accounts.