Zapier: New Lead In Pipedrive Template: Missing Person Email Field

Hello, hopefully I am posting in the right place. I am building a lead attribution tool directly integrated into Facebook and existing CRMs. I support both Zapier and native integrations. Right now, I am building the onboarding process for Pipedrive users choosing to use Zapier.

I am using Zap templates to pre-map all the values a Zapier user would need. I am using the Partner API to dynamically insert the ID values they would otherwise have to select by hand in a dropdown.

While doing this, I realized the New Lead In Pipedrive “Sample Data” is missing a critical field: Person Email.

Without the Person Email, I cannot pre-map this Zap for Pipedrive users. Is there a Pipedrive developer on the forum who would be willing to add this field to the template?

@MainCampaign you’ll need to add a “find person” step in Zapier to get the person’s email address.