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We want to connect our 3CX VOIP Central with Pipedrive. With the 3CX Call Flow Designer Tool we have the option to make a connection with the Database of Pipedrive. The main question is how to make a connection with the DB of Pipepdrive. The DB option of 3CX supports SQLServer or PostgreSQL.

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3CX Call FlowDesigner has also a Web Service Rest Component. The main goal is to lookup the incoming number from 3CX in Pipedrive. Can somebody help me filing in the component. Thanks!

The URI should be straight forward (https://companydomain.pipedrive.com/v1) and you’ll find your API key from Settings > Personal > API

Looks like you should be using this GET to retrieve your info: https://developers.pipedrive.com/docs/api/v1/#!/PersonFields/get_personFields

Hello Mathieu,

Were you able to connect 3CX to Pipedrive? I am looking exactly for that and could not find anything related on the web. Plus im not a dev, so I was looking for something that is already done.
I would appreciate your help.

We too are looking for a 3CX to Pipedrive integration, did you manage to find someone. Keen to hear from anyone who could assist us with this.


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You could try asking in the Hire a developer section to see if there’s someone who can look into this :ok_hand:

We developed an integration of 3CX with Pipedrive!


Hi julianotannous,
Could you please give some details about what you developed exactly ? I could be interested by your offer.

Hello, please send some news and pricing of Pipedrive 3CX integrations, thanks!


One of the members of the 3CX community already put together an integration… although it was written a couple of years ago it should still work.

i would also recommend that you upvote the 3CX community thread requesting “official” 3CX integration to Pipedrive CRM… this would be the best option whereby we’d get a supported and fully featured integration:


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Hi guys,

This is something we are looking for as well. Is there anyone who can send me a quote to use the 3CX with Pipedrive integration? I’d like to investigate if that is cheaper than having my own developers build something that is already built. You can reach me on jasper at nrw-invest.net

Hello Juliano.

I am interested to know more about the integration you’ve developed.
Please contact me at sfernandes@ccsius.com

Thank you.

Hi I am also interested on 3cx - Pipedrive integration. please email me at gdewey@gmail.com


Guillermo Dewey

HI Julianotannous, I am interested in you solution for getting 3CX connected with PD. Could you elaborate more on this or contact me please. Regards, Markus

Hi Juliano

Can you please advise how you can assist me with implementation of this integration

You can send me an email ramy@justtraining.com.au

Thank you

Hey guys,

Who can send some information and pricing of Pipedrive 3CX integrations?!

thanks in advance

Hey Juliano, can you give information and pricing of Pipedrive 3CX integrations?!

thanks in advance